Blogshit beginnings and MCM Expo


So after a long and eventful weekend, my friend suggested to me that I start a blog for all my thoughts and opinions about shit. Perhaps he just wants me to express them less in person, or maybe he was being sincere and I’m just a cynical bastard. Either way, here it is. I’m not sure what I’ll post; whatever comes to mind, I guess. Maybe some interpretations of my favourite series or seasonal pick ups/drops.

MCM Expo

I’ll start this first post by talking about the London MCM Expo I just got home from. If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically a 3 day long nerd convention (the biggest in the UK, actually) where you can go see special guests and buy cool shit. I woke up 6am on Friday, and arrived in London at noon. I met up with an online friend of mine who was staying at the same hotel as me, and then we made our way down to the actual convention a good few hours later than we had intended. Friday is sort of the early bird day where you get your wristband sorted out quickly and can buy stuff before everyone else. I bought a Rei Ayanami figure and some Blu-Rays, which I’ll post pictures of another time. At the end of the day the rest of our group arrived in London making a grand total of 12 of us, one of which was working with Nintendo at the event.

Saturday was pretty awful. It’s the busiest day. And when I say busy, I mean you literally cannot move inside the building. I think next time I’m not even going to bother going in on the Saturday. In the evening we all went down to Chinatown to have a meal at a Japanese restaurant. I spent a bit too much on sake here. Woops!

Sunday was cool and started off well. We went around the con again. I got more figures, then we went back to our hotel because they wanted us to collect our bags by 3. Our train was due at 8:40, so we had to lug our bags around for much longer than I’d have liked. We went to Chinatown again before the train was due for another meal, this time at a Chinese. We then went around some shops. Unfortunately we found a shop selling more figs, but I resisted! Well done, me!

When we finally got to the trainstation one of our friends fell ill and had to be rushed off to hospital for surgery. I’m still unsure what was actually wrong, but it seemed pretty serious. A friend of mine took him to the hospital and stayed with him (until being kicked out into the storm alone to find accommodation for the night), and didn’t make it back home until later the following day. What a sour end to the weekend!

So, yeah. That was basically the con. I had fun and spent way, WAY too much money. Hopefully my next blogshit will be more anime related and I’ll have pictures of my purchases to show. Hmm…

MCM London
My internet friend and I getting a picture with some League of Legends cosplayers. I’m the second to the right.

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