Old Haibane Renmei mini-review

Haibane Renmei mini-review

So here’s a short review I wrote for one of my favourite anime a while ago. I should probably do a real review for it rather than this piece of shit since it deserves much better. Oh well, I’m lazy.


Now I’ve had some time to dwell on it, I’m going to post a mini-review of an anime I recently finished; Haibane Renmei. I really want to persuade more people to watch it. It’s worth it. Warning to shonenplebs, there is no action or explosions here.

Haibane Renmei is a fantasy anime set who knows where or when. Winged beings known as Haibane live in an enclosed town alongside humans, leading fairly normal lives. The town could well be some sort of Purgatory, however, like many things in the series it’s left under a shroud of mystery. The show has a similar feel to Serial Experiments Lain (due to it sharing some of the same staff, including Yoshitoshi ABe), but much less of a mind-fuck. The first half follows the main character, Rakka, as she is born into the world without her previous life memories. The beginning of the series takes a slow, but interesting, pace as it introduces both you and Rakka to this new world. Things take a sudden and dark turn part way through the series, but I shall say no more.

The soundtrack is amazing. End of story. Easily one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard to anything (that includes games, films – everything). Whilst only a few tracks really stood out and are memorable, the overall soundtrack fits the show perfectly. The artstyle, as I said earlier, is very similar to SELain. Despite being from 2002, it stills looks great today. Although the animation isn’t always that fantastic (it swaps between QUALITY and great), when it’s good it’s really good.

The characters are what really drive this show. Whilst Rakka and Reki, the mother figure, take up most of the screentime the side characters are still great. They aren’t just background characters, they each have their own personality and time with Rakka and it was equally interesting to find out about them all. The main two characters are good examples of what characters should be. Their personalities aren’t two-dimensional (ie. they have more than one side to them), there is significant development by the end of the series (which is a key plot point) and they are just generally pleasant to watch.

In conclusion I would give this show 2/10 and would recommend you watch Attack on Titan instead. If you do wish to watch it then make sure to illegally stream it in 360p. Cheers!


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