Evangelion 2015 Predictions/Hopes

Evangelion 2015

Evangelion quickly became one of my favourite series. In fact, it’s one of my favourite franchises ever, and that isn’t just limited to anime. In less than 2 years Neon Genesis Evangelion will see it’s 20th anniversary. Within the next 2 years, the final Rebuild film is also scheduled for release. 2015 is a pretty hype year for eva geeks.

What am I predicting? Well, it’s fucking Evangelion. There’s no use in predicting. Instead I’ll post my hopes for the franchise.

Evangelion: FINAL

Evangelion 4.0: FINAL

The Rebuild series is heavily discussed and opinions are divided, especially on 3.0. This is going to be the one that ends it all, and either proves Hideaki Anno to be a master of storytelling, or just someone who lost his touch. The deviation from NGE in 2.0 was mostly well received, and the ending built up incredible hype for 3.0. This hype, sadly, wasn’t lived up to.

3.0 was intended to be the last Rebuild film (in 2 parts, released the same year IIRC). Obviously things haven’t gone to plan and the final film is now (hopefully) coming out no later than the end of 2015. Whilst 3.0 disappointed a lot of fans, including myself, it actually left a great premise for 4.0 to go in with. 4.0 could be the best thing to happen to Evangelion yet. As I said earlier, it’s pointless trying to predict what will actually happen because it’s Anno and Evangelion. All we as fans can do is hope he gives the series the finale it really deserves.

You Are (Not) Alone
I want to protect that smile.

Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion Blu-Ray re-masters

NGE and EoE are both out of print. If you want either of these, you’ll either have to buy second hand or download them. As one of the most popular and influential anime of all time, this shouldn’t be the case. Even the Eva clone, RahXephon, is still in print. I’m utterly confused.

2015 is a great opportunity for a proper re-master of the original series and film. Many other older series have been getting re-mastered recently such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Serial Experiments Lain. It seems only right that Evangelion gets something special for its 20th anniversary. Can you imagine owning a box set with all 26 episodes, The End of Evangelion and a buttload of special features – all on Blu-Ray? I can’t even understand why this hasn’t already happened.

Anno, pls.


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