Madoka★Magica Part III; Rebellion

Madoka★Magica Part III; Rebellion and the UK

Rebellion hit Japanese cinemas last Saturday. Paris is getting it on November 22nd, and America gets it on December 6th. The UK, you ask? No screenings.  Why? Well, the UK has probably just been ignored since anime is more of a niche here than most places. If we haven’t been ignored, then they’ve just decided it’s not worth it because the UK has such shit tastes and tickets wouldn’t even sell.

Rebellion poster
Theatrical poster for Rebellion

No, seriously. The UK has some of the shittiest tastes known to man. Want to know what the top selling anime series was back in Feburary 2013? Dragonball Z. Followed by Bleach. Followed by High School of the Dead. Madoka Magica didn’t even make top 10 for that month. Compared to Japan, where Madoka sold some insane numbers (being rank 1 in sales for consecutive weeks, and breaking previous week-one sale records held by Bakemonogatari), we’re pretty pathetic. I don’t know why our country has such shit tastes. Is it because many of us grew up with DBZ? Did it turn our brains into shonenshit mush that loves to gobble up filler? Probably, looking back on how many SnK cosplayers there were in London last weekend.

“It’s no good if you’re alone, Homura-chan.”

I’ve been interested in actually going to Paris to see Rebellion, and enjoy the rest of the city whilst I’m at it. It’d actually be my first time outside of England. Getting down to London, then from London to Paris (back back again), accommodation and the actual ticket would be around £110-120 for 2 nights. Call it £140 after food and whatever. That doesn’t sound so bad, but there are a few problems…

  1. I don’t know anyone else willing to go, so I’d probably get lost and never get home again
  2. I don’t actually own a passport.
  3. Most importantly, if it’s subtitled in French, I can’t speak French. I’d be able to understand more listening to the Japanese than reading French subtitles. Maybe I should have paid attention during high school?

So, yeah. If you’re in the UK and are a big Madoka fan with over £100 to spare – tell me!

Update: I had actually contacted the Leeds International Film Festival to see if they could include a screening of the film. This was a few weeks ago and they recently got back to me telling me that they got no reply from whoever it was that distributes it. Damn. I’ve also just emailed Le Grand REX to ask what language the subtitles are in. I presume French, but fingers crossed! Yeah, no. French subtitles only. Well I guess I can always hope for a camrip.



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