Eggs and why I don’t like people

So my 3 daily visitors are all probably from the anime society I’m a member of, but for the benefit of those who aren’t I’ll clarify some stuff first. I’m a member of an anime society at a university in the UK. Each wednesday 7-9pm we meet up and watch various things (anime series, anime movies, asian dramas and live-action films) as well as either toku or currently airing anime in the hour before. What we watched is decided upon by suggestions from the members, followed by a poll. Whatever has the most votes is then shown, as long as it isn’t too long for the timeframe, fits the criteria of that weeks theme, and isn’t hentai.

Average member desktop
This what what the average members desktop looks like.

I was originally told the idea for the society was to show things that people probably haven’t seen, so they can discover and watch things that are different to what they were watching before. So far this year, I haven’t really seen that (in regards to anime, drama is beyond my scope). Now I’m not asking for obscure stuff like Tenshi no Tamago to be shown, but everything that has been shown so far is generally quite popular and well known amongst even inexperienced anime fans. This might not seem like much of a problem, but picture it like this. We run a cooking society, we’re all happily making some top-notch gourmet food – until suddenly, some freshers join the society. Okay, that’s all well and good. Want to see how to make this delicious food? No? Wait, what are you doing? Oh, alright. You’re frying a fucking egg. You had to join the cooking society to do that? Can you not do that at home?

That’s what this society feels like at the moment. I’m going to refrain from saying they all have shit taste (shocking, I know) because they might, much like I was a while ago, not be experienced with anime. They might not know any better. They might not realise there’s more to cooking than just frying eggs. So why not let the rest of us, who actually have some experience, show you some good series that you may not have heard of before? Why do you insist on shoving your god damned fried eggs down my throat? I don’t want to fucking watch Pokemon. I’ve known what Pokemon is all of my memorable life, as has everyone else in the society. If someone wants to watch Origins, I’m sure they’re already aware of its existence and can go watch it in their own time. Why not put the time you have with experienced fans to some use and listen to them for once. You might actually move out of your shonenshit phase and start watching shows that have better animation, soundtrack, writing and characters. Tatami Galaxy, Sora no Woto, Natsume Yuujinchou and many others are sitting on little to no votes, whilst Origins is miles in the lead. Why. Why do you ignore shows that are established as being great that you have almost certainly not even heard of, simply to watch something for children instead?

I swear to god if you mention a show that hasn’t been dubbed and shown on live Western television you’ll just get a blank stare in return like you spoke in some alien language. Either that or they just need to take their fucking nostalgia goggles off.


Disclaimer: No hate intended towards actual fried eggs. They’re yummy.


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