Update on things


Things to come

Basically I’m trying to get too much shit done at once and it isn’t working out very well. I have some plans for what I want to do with this blog but it relies on me getting through a load of stuff first. What I’m planning to do in the near future is pump out a lot more blogshit content.In the long-term I want to start focusing on some proper reviews.

What I’m currently working on/going to be doing soon

  • My thoughts on elitism in anime communities
  • A mid-season overview
  • Catch up on loads of shows this season so I can do the aforementioned overview
  • Finish IRC XDCC guide
  • Complain about fanbases
  • Complain about something else

Manchester Doki Doki

I went to Doki Doki. To say it was something small and up north, it was pretty decent. Some good stalls and events going on. I saw some old guy walk out with like 6 figures and a bunch of wall scrolls – hero! I managed to only spend £5 on a print, leaving me with enough money to get a new Soul of Chogokin SPEC figure of EVA 00! Will post pictures when I build it up.

Leeds International Film Festival

I’m still going this Sunday. Most looking forward to the Steins;Gate movie and Patema Inverted, which will hopefully live up to the expectations Yoshiura Yasuhiro set for himself.


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