Marathon day and driving tests

Beep beep

To celebrate my successful driving test, rather than going outside into the scary world and spending money on alcohol, I’m going to watch girl cartoons all day. I plan to marathon through everything I want to see this season (since I’m behind or simple haven’t started most of it) so I can do my overview… post… thing.

The magical list itself!

  1. Kyoukai no Kanata 07
  2. Nagi no Asukara 1-6
  3. Strike the Blood 2-6
  4. Outbreak Company 2-6
  5. Golden Time 3-6
  6. Kill la Kill 07
  7. Log Horizon 1-6
  8. White Album 2 1-6
  9. Non Non Biyori 1-4
  10. Kyousougiga 1-5

I’m not convinced I’ll get through all this. If there’s anything really good this season that isn’t here (bearing in mind I’m up to date on Coppelion and UMD) please let me know.


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