Leeds Film Festival Anime Day

Fanomenon Anime Day

This is my little write-up of the films I saw throughout the day. 3 of the 6 are completely new (unless you’ve been watching camrips or went to France/Japan!). Overall the day was pretty good. I know some other /a/nons were there. Probably the fat ones and fedorables. Heh.


Garden of Words + Hal

Not going to go into Garden of Words much because it’s already widely available. Pretty typical Shinkai film. Nice animation, good soundtrack, beautiful backgrounds, romance, etc. It got paired up with Hal because they’re both short romance movies, I presume.

Hal was adapted from the shoujo romance manga by Studio Wit, the guys being the monstrosity that was Shingeki no Kyojin. Maybe that’s a little harsh, but either way I had low expectations from them. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually saw Hal because there was more animation than stills (good job, Wit, you learnt what the key ingredient of an anime is). I’m not going to go into the story much due to spoilers, but the premise is that a terrorist attack blew up an aeroplane mid-flight and ended the happy life that Kurumi and Hal shared. The Hal robot then comforts Kurumi after the tragedy.

I can see what they were trying to do, but I’m not sure if it was executed perfectly. The ending was done pretty well but I didn’t really grow as attached to the characters as I could have done. Overall it was decent enough, and I can see that they tried with this but I don’t think it was done as well as it could have been done.

Patema Inverted

I think this was the best thing shown (besides Akira, but that’s not new so we’ll ignore it). Yoshiura has impressed me yet again. Whilst I don’t think it was his best work (he’s going to have to do something really fucking good to top Eve no Jikan and Pale Cocoon) it was still pretty damn good. He seems to have taken a different approach to this than his other work, but there were still some of his signature themes, like being trapped away from the real world.

Again, I’ll just outline the premise to avoid spoiling the film too much. There’s a society of people hiding away under the surface of the Earth after a disaster struck. One day, a girl gets too curious and ventures out onto the surface, only to uncover the secrets that were kept from her by her elders. That’s all I’m giving away. It’s great, watch it and Yoshiura’s other work if you already haven’t.

Steins;Gate Movie

Since this is a sequel to the series I’m not even going to say what it’s about because it’s potentially spoiling the series for those who haven’t watched it. The film was good and we got to see more of the BEST GIRLS (Kurisutina, Mayuhsii and true best girl, wink wink). It was good, but like Hal, could have been much better. The series is definitely better than this movie, but it’s some nice pandering for the fans. I just feel they could have done more with the second half. Bah.

Evangelion 3.0

irgeprgjwirgirfuck you anno


Nice remaster (both video and audio, I believe). Uh, yeah. Akira. It’s good. The place was packed for this. Yeah.


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