Crunchyroll and why I refuse to pay for it

Crunchyroll a shit

Recently, I’ve been noticing quite a positive attitude towards Crunchyroll across both the internet and real-life. The general mindset I’ve noticed from the anime community (which, in general, is just a bunch of insufferable cunts) is that by paying for Crunchyroll you’re getting both a good service and are supporting the industry. Wrong.

It’s surprising to believe that anyone goes on this website at all. You either go there as a free user, and get releases a week late in terribly bit-starved 360p video, pay £5 a month for lower quality video and subtitles than fansubs, or use their overpriced store. I really don’t see the appeal. I’m not sure if there are a lot of retarded people in the community, or if they’re just simply unaware that there are better alternatives. I’m going to go over many aspects of CR, including subtitle quality, video quality, pricing and how much you’re actually supporting the industry by paying for the ‘service’. I’ll then be comparing all of this to the alternative options that are available to you.


Okay, so as far as I’m aware CR do all of their own translations and scripts. I’ve heard some studios send them a script along with the show, but whether or not this is true I’m unsure. I’m just going to assume CR do all their own work. It doesn’t really matter how they get this done, what matters is the final product that you end up reading.

Okay, first let’s look at the consistency and editing of subtitles. By editing, I mean how fluid and well written the translations are (I’m looking for non-awkward, and if appropriate, well localised subtitles). I feel that localisation is a very subjective area. Some people like honorifics (san, chan, sama, etc.) whereas others would like a more Western translation (Mr., Nep-chan > Neppy, Lord, etc.). Personally I prefer honorifics and the original Japanese word if there are no close translations (so if a character says tsundere, I want to see tsundere in my subs NOT hot’n’cold; I hate that shit). But as I said, this area is very subjective so I’m going to try and avoid judging subtitles on this as much as I can.

Actually, I will mention honorifics. I believe CR usually uses honorifics, and some people dislike them. Guess what? Some fansub groups give you the choice. This isn’t even fucking difficult to do.

mpc-hc subs

Let me just point out now that I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t compare how well the subtitles compare to the original dialogue. From what I’ve heard from people who do speak Japanese is that CR subs are accurate for the most part, although sometimes the original message isn’t properly conveyed (but it’s a context-based language to a value-based language, so we can let them off there). What I do know, however, is the English language. I’ll admit now that fansubs aren’t always perfect, there can be mistakes now and then. But those are fansubs. They are free. CR wants you to pay for their service (or otherwise be spammed with advertisements). I don’t expect errors for a paid service like in episode 7 of Walkure Romanz, for example. Can you imagine buying an officially translated novel or manga, only to find crude mistakes? I’d be annoyed. The fact that many fansub groups don’t even translate shows any more, and instead just take the CR subtitles and FIX THEM is a testament in its own right.

So, there’s the first problem. They have the consistency in quality of fansubs. Often worse. These mistakes should not happen in a paid service. But let’s move on and look at how fluid and non-awkward their English is. Oh, never mind. They’re constantly using the same word multiple times in the same line. I’m no poet laureate, but I did decently enough at school in English and one of the first things I was taught was no try and avoid repeating the same word, especially in the same sentence. Obviously CR devs never had this sort of education. I vividly remember in the first episode of Kill la Kill this was repeatedly a problem. Not only that, but most of the lines sounded awkward as fuck. Let’s look at one awkward line

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_12.47_[2013.10.09_00.45.23]
Mistakes made by the club you run are your mistakes, Sanageyama!

compared to Underwater’s

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 01 (720p) [914B637B].mkv_snapshot_12.47_[2013.10.09_00.46.18]
The sports clubs are your responsibility, Sanageyama, as are their failures!

Hmm. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to the fansubs. That’s without even mentioning this horrible line that ends up making less sense than intended (or the video quality, or the typesetting, or the…)

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.38_[2013.10.09_00.35.49]
Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world!

It just makes it sound more retarded that it’s meant to be. Surely something like “That is the reality of this world!” would work better, no? It’s also worth mentioning that you have no fucking idea which of their staff are subbing what series. So when I’ve seen various work from various fansub groups and really enjoyed some releases from a particular group, I can return to them for another series knowing I’ll get more of that standard. Whereas with CR you might watch one series, see little issues with it, come back again and suddenly some incompetent inturn has fucked every single line up. This works the other way with fansubs too. I know which groups to avoid, if possible. It’s sad that Commie, a group I’d somewhat try to avoid, still produce better releases than CR. Unless they’re going all-out on the trollsubs, at least. And just to show it’s a problem across multiple shows this season…

cr nagi no asu
So he makes you make expressions like that.

Seriously who okayed this? What a fucking mess. Is this something people would say? I can’t imagine myself ever saying that. Oh and surprise, surprise! They managed to use the same word twice in a line again. This is an occasion where literal translations are bad.

underwater-vivid nagi no asu
So he’s the reason you look so upset…

Is that so fucking hard? This might be less literal, but I honestly don’t care. It actually sounds like something a human would say and gets the same general message across.

Typesetting. I don’t believe most of the retarded little weeb community we subside in even knows what this means. Basically, it’s how the subtitle text is set on the screen. This may not seem important at first, but when you’ve got multiple people speaking at once, signs and other on-screen text, song lyrics/karaoke and other shit all going on it gets pretty damn important. Crunchyroll takes this to the absolute minimum. There’s literally no typesetting to be seen the majority of the time. Kill la Kill often features on-screen text that looks awesome. CR decided to shit on that. Go look back at the 2 screenshots of the same scene I used for sub comparisons.

Do you know which one you’re paying for? Can you see which one is actually worth paying for? Good. Typesetting doesn’t just apply to stationary text on the screen, good typesetting will follow on screen text/signs throughout pans and zooms. Again, CR completely ignore any of this and Underwater do a beautiful job. It’s well worth waiting an extra few hours (I know I keep blabbing on about Underwater, but it’s a very recent and very good example that a lot of people will be able to relate with since it’s probably the most popular show this season).

It’s also worth giving a proper mention to song lyrics/karaoke. Whilst they’re just generally nice to have and let you easily weeb-off and sing along if you so wish, they’re actually important in some cases. Take Madoka Magica for example. By not having the translation for the lyrics on-screen you miss out on all of the lyrical dissonance in the opening song. To CR users, it’s just going to sound like a cute and upbeat song. Not only this, but it DESTROYS all meaning of having the opening play at the end of episode 10. So much is lost here.

madoka lyrics

You might think I’m being a bit OTT about all this and that it doesn’t really matter. You’re right, they’re just chinese girl cartoons. All of this doesn’t actually matter that much. However, if you’re actually paying for an objectively worse service than a free alternative, don’t you think that’s a bit silly?

tl;dr fansubs offer better editing and typesetting. Why pay for something inferior?

Video quality

If you’re a free user, watching CR releases will probably give you some sort of cancer. You’re stuck with their disgusting 360p releases. If you’re actually watching these (or any illegal streams, for that matter), for the love of god, STOP. Just stop right now. “Ahurrrdurr but I don’t care!” Shut the fuck up.

Okay, so assuming you pay for the ‘high quality’ video, let’s talk about that. Now if you’re going to think or say something about 720p, 1080p or anything even remotely similar stop right now. You don’t know SHIT about anything. I’m no expert myself, but whatever you were thinking is both stupid and wrong. Just because 2 different videos are both the same resolution (let’s take 720p for our examples, since the CR 1080p releases are just shitty upscales for the most part) does not mean they are of the same quality. I repeat, RESOLUTION ≠ QUALITY. You don’t measure the quality of a wine by looking how much there is, just like you don’t measure the quality of a video by the amount of pixels there are. Actually, if CR just scrapped their shitty 1080p upscales and used that bandwidth for their 720p releases, they might actually be able to have some good 720p videos. But since they’re catering to a lot of retards who see 1080p and get all excited over a big number, I doubt we’ll ever see that.

I could probably write a whole post about actual video quality, all you need to know is that CR does not offer the best. Although, logically, you’d think that CR would have better quality than some recordings of Japanese television. After all, they’re getting the shows directly from the studios. The problem is that CR bit-starve all their releases (they literally compress and kill the quality of the video) to achieve lower bandwidth costs. That’s right, you pay them for a service, and instead of using that money to pay for servers to provide high quality video they do god-knows what with it. Again, fansubs offer higher quality for free. At most, they ask for some small donations to maintain their server costs. Even on one of the less obvious examples this season, you can clearly see the text is a lot sharper and there is a lot less banding in this comparison.

Now, the difference between TV rips and CR isn’t huge. You could quite easily get by on CR releases, if you wanted to. In actual fact, the quality difference leaves me, and others, to believe that studios aren’t providing the best quality to begin with. However, the issue with CR here is that they do nothing to fix this. Most, if not all, fansub groups apply filters to try and correct some of the issues with the video (sharpness, colours, banding, etc.). If some single guy with his consumer-level computer can encode multiple shows per week with good filtering, why can’t CR? This and the fact they’re wasting their bandwidth (that they seem so determined to save) on ‘1080p’ video are the main reasons you should stick to fansub releases.

tl;dr CR are being CHEAP and are just cutting down on their bandwidth costs and don’t bother with filtering at all.

Supporting the industry?

Hahaha. The go-to argument for any CR fanboy. Now, assuming they haven’t changed up how they do things this is how it works. They split all membership revenue 50/50 with the studios, and keep all ad revenue for themselves. Since the amount of paid members on the site is around 10%, that’s a lot of fucking ad revenue (I doubt people who are retarded enough to watch their 360p streams know how to install adblock). I believe the current membership price is £5 a month. £2.50 is now left to the studios. CR is simulcasting 35 shows currently, that’s about 7p per show per month. That’s about 4p per 2 episodes. Four pence. Now let’s take a gander at how much a Japanese blu-ray volume is. A volume normally contains 2 episodes, and the average pricing is roughly 7000-8000 yen (£50). £50 vs 4p. Obviously, the studio won’t be getting the entirety of that £50 (you have middlemen and such). I’m not an industry expert, but let’s say in a worse-case situation the studio gets a measly 10% of the BD sale. That’s still £5. Over 100 times as much as they get from CR. Want to support the industry? Import Japanese DVD/BDs and figures.

You’re better off just sending £1 every month to a studio and using fansubs than you are using CR if you even care about ‘supporting the industry’ nearly as much as you say you do. Even if I’m completely wrong about these finances, and 100% of your money went to Japan (it doesn’t) you’d still be making a piss-poor effort of ‘supporting the industry’. If you actually believe you are making any difference what-so-ever, then why is the majority of anime still pandering to the obsessive fan market, and not Western audiences? And yes, I have to pull numbers out of my arse because CR wont actually provide any real numbers, yet Wakanim manage to just fine. What’s wrong, CR? Afraid to let your customers know how much of their money you keep?

Now if you’re going to go to your backup argument of ‘supporting the localisation of anime’ then again, you’re fucking wrong. I’ve not seen CR do anything to support this. If you want to do that, buy DVD/BDs from your local licensors. In the UK, Manga Entertainment is one of the biggest licensors. They’re actively trying to grow the interest in anime here by getting cinema screenings and going to conventions. And you know what, the bit of money that the Japanese studios will get from the local releases of anime will still be more than your CR subscription.

tl;dr you’re not making a fucking difference. Import Japanese shit instead.

Store prices

Christ. I thought this would be worth mentioning, since it is another CR service. If you didn’t already know, CR has an online store where they sell figures, DVD/BDs and such. For an inflated price. For a popular Figma they want £40 (£37, if you’re a member). The price for this exact same Figma elsewhere is £22. Cheers, guys!

What about a blu-ray? Since they only sell Region 1 (American) BDs, I’ll have to look at the imports available on Amazon. Both seasons of Spice and Wolf on BD from CR are £46 + £13 shipping. Compare this to Amazon, for the exact same thing, £32 + less than £2 postage (from within the UK, so there’s no chance of import tax). Right, OK.

Basically, everything on their store can be found considerably cheaper elsewhere.

They’re assholes!

If you didn’t know, CR used to be a fansubbing website. They illegally hosted streams, and you could become a ‘donator’ (aka member) by paying a subscription. They then had a very sudden change of heart after getting a $2m investment, removing all their previous stuff and began doing what they do now. They essentially just built up popularity, to shit on the fansub community (I believe most of their content was subbed from by other groups, they just hosted it).

A bit of a dick move. But surely they’re decent folk now? Well, no. They’ve used popular trends on /a/ to generate interest on their site multiple occasions (the most recent being this), and regularly go into communities (such as /a/ and LEREDDIT XD) and spam their promo codes, you can check out today’s Crunchyshit spam here.

Okay. I’m done. If you are using CR and continue to use it after reading this please consider castrating yourself to save future generations. No one’s going to come knocking on your door with a warrant for downloading fansubs of chinese girl cartoons.


114 thoughts on “Crunchyroll and why I refuse to pay for it

  1. I just pay out of laziness. I don’t want to go to a site to watch a fansub because it’s tedious. I’ll have to click on the next episode which is usually not right next to the video. Then wait for the next page to load very slowly. Then click to play, close out pop-ups, click to play again, close out another pop-out. “Oh wait, this one doesn’t work anymore…” So I chose another player, click to play, close out pop-ups, then sometimes the player takes a long time to buffer. Then sometimes the show is so old the quality just sucks or there will be missing parts or the site will have fucked some shit up and ep 8 was actually ep 6 and now the whole series is ruined. Doon’t get me wrong crunchyroll sucks, I have no idea who they get to translate this stuff but it’s definitely not someone from a primarily English speaking country because I doubt they’d hire idiots that don’t know basic grammar, diction, and spelling. I’m rewatching hitman reborn on it right now and the translations are so off and shoddy sometimes I’m starting to imagine the kind of idiot that in their stupid interpretations in there for an “American audience”. I just came to read this because it’s cathartic.

  2. I just watch online. $7 per month? Convert it to my currency and it’s expensive af. I’ll rather watch online in 1080 quality for free with great subs and no ads because adblock and pop up blocker.

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  4. I’ve been one of the first people to absolutely hate crunchyroll back when they started in 2006. I guess you could say I’m a veteran of the hate lmfao. Anyhow, you addressed every single issue I’ve had with them and I praise you for it! You said it in a way I could never try to say it in due to my speech skills (which is improving nowadays). I am very glad to know there is someone out there who cares about quality as much as I do. I don’t give a damn if people call me an elitist, I just care about if my favourite titles are treated with the utmost respect and care. And to all the nonsensical weeaboos here who defend this garbage are ridiculous. Looks like they couldn’t handle an opinion, much less the facts.
    From one who cares about quality/care to another, you have my full respect and I tip my hat to you!

  5. You might have misunderstood a few things about the splitting of profit. The ad-revenue does NOT fully go to crunchyroll. It is also split 50/50 between crunchyroll and the producer of the video the ad was played on. This also works like this with the subscription payment. 50% of the money go to CR and the other 50% are split up between the creators of the animes you were watching based on watchtime, not all of the creators of their whole lineup. This was said in multiple interviews and statements. In some comments you also pointed out that one show (keijo) apparently was canceled eventhough it was received well on crunchyroll. That is simply not true. The blueray did NOT have bad sales (7000 might seem like nothing but actually shouldn’t be considered bad in the anime industry especially if looking at Japan only). The second season that you mentioned was cancelled actually wasn’t ever planned in the first place (at least it wasn’t announced to be planned). The original manga had to stop because of the author and the editor / person-sent-from-the-publisher-to-look-at-what-he-writes-and-corrects-it-for-the-publisher had some huge creative differences and the publisher didn’t want to print his manga for much longer because of that.
    You also said that crunchyroll sometimes has errors in their subtitles or sometimes the wording being off. The errors are normal and to be expected. If you buy a translated manga or lightnovel in stores they usually had months to translate the same amount of text CR translated in an hour. I still here and there do find errors in mangas and lightnovels I buy. And on wording, yes I might not be the best person to answer this, just look at this reply, but the things you pointed out like repetition sometimes already were in the original. And if not, repetition of words also is often used as a figure of speech (repetitio, inversion, parallelism, alliteration etc.all use sometimes them in some ways). Yes sometimes they do word things strangely or have spelling errors but if they get pointed out to them the errors are usually fixed within a few days. ( I am not a native English speaker and all these things come from English lessons or the internet)
    As for video quality. They do give you 480p for free which is by most people considered to be good enough and with premium actually give you up to 1080p. The 1080p does get compressed a little if the video gets released to the public but before that it usually looks really good.
    And as for the store… I’m sorry I didn’t read that part because I never use that thing. If I want to buy some merch I usually just import it via amazon, via the producers website or I get it in a Japan story near me.

  6. This change will really benefit companies that has enough money to market their brand in offline channels. This will make it really difficult to gear more budgets to online adtsnvieirg.It seems that Google is shooting themselves on the foot.

  7. You should be ashamed of yourself. Let’s say you’re working really hard. You have to work over 80 hours per week, and you only earn 4$ per hour. That’s the reality of animators in Anime right now. By not giving the animes any money, you support that these hundreds of hard-working humans get lower payments and work themselves to death. They work 80+ hours to makes Anime, and this is what you give them?

    Atleast find one of the illegal anime-sites where they haven’t properly blocked all the adblock that currently exist, like kissanime have. 9anime can’t block 2 adblocks, the classic adblock and a 2nd one I downloaded, that’s less popular than the classic, although i’ve only tried with both of them on at the same time. Drop kissanime, if you haven’t already. Bad quality site, stupid hentai/porn ads, popup ads etc. And the site tries to victimize itself, that they are the ones who did nothing wrong.

    • You clearly didn’t read anything I wrote.

      First, I would never suggest using shit like kissanime. Streaming is aids, even more so if you do it illegally because the qaulity makes crunchyroll look good.

      Second, I advocated you start importing blu-rays from Japan because **they are the only thing keeping the industry going**. There was a popular show on crunchyroll recently, Keijo, and both the planned second season and continuation of the manga were cancelled because of poor blu-ray sales. If crunchyroll is so great, and your $10 or whatever a month actually goes to anyone other than some shitty management at crunchyroll, how did this happen?

      If you import 0 blu-rays from Japan annually, you have no moral high ground to argue on. Your contribution is a spec upon a spec upon a spec.

      • You do realize that blu-ray sales have dropped significantly over the last couple of years right? Also the Keijo numbers weren’t reported correctly. We were informed that the volumes sold around 750-770 when in fact the author of the manga went on his official fucking blog to state that the company misrepresented the information by forgetting to put a “0” in those numbers. It actually sold over 7k but we were misinformed as were a lot of people. There was never a planned second season at all. The continuation of the manga had nothing to with the anime once again that was another problem via the publishing company and the mangaka’s editor. ONCE AGAIN on his official blog he said that had been requesting an assistant via his editor for over a year and a half and they never even attempted to find him one so he was being bogged down from overwork. Secondly, his publishing company was aware that Keijo was getting an anime and never put it on the cover of the magazine, he said his his blog that they would also put Keijo’s new chapters in the back of the book. Literally this week the series composer for DRRRx2 just said that season made profits off merchandise sales and international streaming followed by “I don’t know why people judge business success by disc sales”. You’re arguments are dated and you don’t know anything. Stop pretending you do.

  8. All I’m hearing here is a bunch of excuses for why you think it’s okay to steal anime. 1. I play Crunchyroll videos on a 42 inch screen, and the 720p videos look great. There are literally no problems with them. 2. The subtitle thing you ranted on about is nitpicking to such a stupid degree. Crunchyroll subtitles have never come across as inadequate, and really this just seems like you are once again trying to justify stealing. 3. Some money getting back to the right places is better than no money getting to them at all. Plus Crunchyroll pay a licensing fee at the very start before ad revenue and the like are even added into the equation. So you are yet again just trying to justify stealing. 4. Crunchyroll used to be an illegal site, but they aren’t anymore. I don’t even know what point you are trying to make here. Are you saying that now that they’re a legitimate service you refuse to support them? So, basically it is yet more whining about how you should be allowed to steal things that are legally available. If you’re outside the countries that obtain the licenses for legal streaming then by all means do what you want, but don’t try to justify being a pirating arsehole when you are quite clearly being presented with a damn good legal option.

    • If you’re still so confident in your $7 a month or whatever they’re charging now, how did the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga and second season get cancelled, when it was so popular on crunchroll?

      Oh right, exactly as I said in the article, all that matters are Japanese Blu-Ray sales. I don’t think you comprehend how negligible Crunchyroll is in comparison. A *manga* got cancelled because the BDs sold poorly, whilst it was popular on Crunchyroll.

      You can believe you’re on the moral high ground as much as you like by paying a monthly subscription, but I guarantee I’ve imported more Blu-Rays from Japan than you, and given more to the industry than a decade of your subscription ever would.

      • Obviously you’re a gay retarded cancer patient. I have both funimation and crunchyroll. when I watch a really good series like steins gate I buy it. Look at me I’m so wonderful I buy imported blurays and Jerk off into anime pillows. not everyone has 80-100 bucks to buy imported blu-rays that’s if you do. you probably live in your moms basement at 37 years old. anyway have a nice day and choke on a trap dick.

  9. While I agree that Crunchyroll is terrible, your inability to proofread and to not blow things out of proportion is what’s truly cancerous here.

  10. wow, so much “bohooo” from the self important anime dweebs.
    i’m a casual viewer, so after i drifted to CR from google search and encountered that barrage of ADS, i just had to check if people are really so stupid as to support that site.
    so, here i am expressing my distaste for crunchyroll! check.
    7$ a month is overpriced by any standards, but keep on thinking you support whatever industry.

      • Wow! I guess I should congratulate you on being my first fangirl too! That’s so awesome – I’m all squishy and woozy on the insides. Teenagerish emotions are stopping up my mind…I can’t speak! All I can do is offer a gushing, enthusiastic and eniutely-rncool ‘Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed the book!’

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    • $7 is tto much? Here’s an idea. Why don’t you buy yourself an art set and draw yourself some pretty pictures. Then animate them and hire a crew to do voices for it. Then send it off to someone else and have them write subtitles for the people who cant understand your language. The only self important dweeb here is you.

    • Let’s say you’re an animator at a studio. You work 80 hours or more, and still live in your mom’d house. You earn 4$ an hour, and there’s people in your studio who overworked themselves to death. Yeah, that’s the life of all the animators. You’re making people die from not supporting the industry, that would be 3Rd degree murder if so many people weren’t contributing to it. Also, 7$ is far from overpriced. Look at How expensive 1 Anime or manga is to buy, and compare it to 7$.. Even I could afford that much at age 10, with the money I got from my parents weekly. I was 10, and could afford something you can’t do now.

  11. You might want to treat your readers with at least some respect instead of basically denouncing their humanity, unless your aim was to sound like a raging teenager form the 2008’s internet. I find it very hard to take this post seriously with every second sentence either insulting its readers or clarifying already explained things.
    Also this sounds a bit like a thief criticizing people who donate 5 cents to charity every month.

    Better luck next time.

  12. I know this article is old as shit, but I’m glad to see someone else that doesn’t blindly love Crunchyroll. They take business away from fansubbers who do a much better job for free. Might as well watch your shows anywhere else and buy the BDs when it’s done. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it if you really love them.

  13. Let me just say, up front, that I am not a serious anime fan; I’m a casual Crunchyroll user who only picked up a premium account to watch one show that I took an interest in, and I will likely cancel my service at the end of the month. That being said, I agree with very little that this author said.

    1) The subtitles on the show I watched were fine, and if I wanted it to sound perfectly English, I would go listen to a dubbed version, anyway. You kind of expect shoddy English when you listen to a foreign film, and I would frankly rather have a more literally translation than a more fluid one. Quality subtitles are entirely a matter of opinion. Even so, the subtitles we’re fine, as I said, and the only time I was annoyed by them was when multiple characters talked at once, and the lack of skillful typesetting became apparent.

    2) The video quality is fine, as well. Is it the best in the world? No, but seriously, I’m watching a television show, not trying to find terrorists on a satellite feed, it doesn’t NEED to be perfect, it only needs to be good enough to not be annoying, and it is.

    3) You don’t get to complain about where the money goes when your proposed alternative is basically just stealing the material. When the author complains about Crunchyroll pocketing some of the money they bring in after providing a service, he/she makes it clear what they are: a free2everything user who is pissed because a paid service is competently providing what he is used to pirating, and is lashing out against it.

    4) The store… yeah, the author is right about that one. It is overpriced.

    and 5) They’re assholes because they advertise their product and release news updates about popular trends in the anime fandom? Really? That is pretty unreasonable, if you ask me. Anyone selling a product is going to advertise it, and giving out promotional codes in areas where fans congregate is kind of a “no duh” approach. If doing that makes them assholes, then the hippy girls giving out free nuts at my cities Jazz festival every Sunday must be real bitches. I would say that I can’t understand why this offends the author, but since I have already come to the conclusion that he or she is a free2everything who hates the idea of paying for things that they feel entitled too, this actually fits the MO perfectly.

    This whole blog post is basically a long-winded whine fest about how cheaply produced a cheaply sold product is, compared to the nicer stuff that can be stolen. Yeah, Crunchyroll *is* kind of a mediocre service, and thats because it’s DIRT CHEAP to buy. At seven dollars a month (American) it costs about as much as a sandwich at a low-end deli, but provides 24-7 access to thousands of shows, at decent quality, ad-free, with episodes posted as soon as they are on the air. Thats pretty damned good for what you’re spending.

    And if you’re not spending anything… then shut up. It’s FREE to you, which means you aren’t entitled to whine about it. If you don’t like something that is being handed to you for NOTHING then stop sticking your damned hands out for more. You do not have a *right* to watch anime just because you *like* anime, and that fact that some devoted subgroup of “fans” have taken the time to steal something and make it available to you does not prove or support your arguments.

    • About listening in English – that’s kind of the problem…the dubbing company known as BangZoom! uses seemingly about half of the dialogue in reference to CrunchyRoll’s (rushed?) translations – making the characters, at times (for the unchanged CR dialogue), sound literal and/or like they have limited vocabularies. Needless to say it gets a tad bothersome, but admittedly it still could be preferable to listen to English dubs as they are mostly refined, to say the least.

  14. I’m not enough of a weeb to torrent shit, let alone import blurays.

  15. I really dont give a damn about the vid quality nor the subtitles…i just care about the video…but crunchyroll is just terrible…the way they teeat there non subscribers is repulsive…ive tried crunchy roll to see if it was worth it membership wich it a great deal btw. .but i wanted to see where my money was going..i ran into so many issues..after the ad it would not go back to the video…and sometimes it just crash…or the ADS JUST LOOP FOR 10 MINUETES …ive tried xbox…pc…and asked multiple of my friends if they had the same problems…i finally broke down because freinds told me about jojos bizzare adventure and i was craving a good anime fix…i tried premium for a month to see if its better with no ads stopping my enjoyment…and it runs FLAWLESSLY…ikno this no longer affected me because…i was a premium member…but if thats how they treat free viewer i dont want any part of this.

    • I have a fun new tutorial featured on Green Wedding Shoes today! Pop on over for the full tu&8oialt#r230;. you may find that you recognize the napkins from here.

  16. This writer must hate anime since using illegal fansub sites does not help the industry and are disrespectful to those that make these anime projects (series, movies, OVA and OAD).

    Why should their efforts in anime become excuses for those that cannot want to support the industry.

  17. In my opinion, it’s fine for crunchyroll to keep some money for themselves. They need it for their server. They provide subtitles and makes thing easier for other fansub grps. Most fansub grps just try their best to remove any errors detected in CR sub. This process is crucial as it makes sure their sub is not inferior to CR sub. The outcome is crunchyroll premium is usually the fastest in releasing ongoing animes, but they tend to have inferior video quality.

    Overall, I find paying crunchyroll to support industry is pretty reasonable. They eased the burden for fansubbers, gave money to studio and sped up anime releases for us. Other methods to support industry are donating money to fansub[They don’t earn a thing] and Importing DVD/Blu-ray[Which I really dun like as it has middlemen and it doesn’t help the people who are providing free subs for us] are reasonable as well. Which one is better for you, might be a personal preference.

    For me I choose,

    Donating to fansub > Anime concert/event > Crunchyroll > Importing DVD/blu-ray

  18. You’ll notice a trend; everyone who agrees with this article here in the comment section either admits to being a pirate in their comments, or suspiciously avoids mentioning how they watch anime. Unless you buy all your anime physically, seriously, don’t talk shit about Crunchyroll. They provide the means to watch anime at a very affordable price. They’re not perfect. No one is, but they do a fine job bringing anime to a wider audience who isn’t willing to fork out $50 for every series or break the law.

    Always think of the bigger picture guys. Don’t focus on the negatives; consider the positives that Crunchyroll provides for the community-.

    • You know, I’ve been getting emails about this thread for a while and I read the replies and I’m still confused as to why the hate. But this comment makes sense. I mean I think it’s fair to hate a company if they are exploiting their consumer base, their workers, or the people that make the products. If that can be said about CR I would be on board with it. But hating it because of inferior resolution and subtitles? This guy said he hated it because the website had a button that doesn’t work. Something seemed off to me about that. But it makes sense now.

      I’m a pirate. I also have a CR sub. I never use it anymore though I let my friends use it for me. I pirate anime because of bluray quality. I can admit it. I also see no reason to hate the company, but perhaps it’s because I don’t feel particularly guilty about my pirating. I think people that hate CR want to justify their pirating and the hate is a kind of psychological transference. I see no other reason for these levels of hate.

    • Yep. The Weeaboo generation that believes that it they are entitled to everything that they like, just because they like it. Theyre so used to getting everything for free, that they have forgotten that somebody out there is always paying for it, even if they aren’t.

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  19. Btw, thanks for the amazing and factual information of CR. I just attempted to cancel it but since they don’t want anyone to leave them out of sheer desperation and fear, they orig CSR didn’t know jack shit and now I need an expert technician to cancel my recurring subscription. Go figure, epic fail of an anime company with no values or ethics. They might as well be taking a recurring shit on all their customer’s faces.

    • If you can’t figure out how to cancel your subscription on your own, you’re just an idiot and presumably aren’t capable of making an informed decision about the site at all.

    • dit :Mon comm a été dtruit, I try again…Quand j’ai ouvert l’article j’ai pris peur en voyant les cupcakes… Je me suis dis “non pas ça, si je vais sur son blog chaque jour c’est parce qu’elle ne fait pas des trucs niais… Elle a basculé du côté obscur de la force…”.Bon après j’ai lu pour les CE1 et j’ai été rassurée !

  20. Actually, Crunchyroll really sucks. It has horrific forum moderators, the shittiest video quality and subtitles on all anime plus they hvae button on their website like DRAMA that have no freaking drama. Being fake and a bunch of liars. Whoever supports CR likes to get a nice 10foot pull up their ass hourly. How do I know becuase all the rants that are for CR feel like they like that sort of thing.

    • Yeah, hold on. The video quality on Crunchyroll for me, as a free member, looks fine running a smooth 720. The only issue I can possibly imagine you’re having is that CR gets their anime a day in advance, along with the script, to do translations, and thus there are times where background animations are unfinished (A good example is the now well known “Downsyndrom Queen” in Jojo Part 4).

      And, honestly, if you can’t fucking understand Japanese how can you even attempt to talk about the quality of the subtitles? I don’t direct this at you specifically, but at most the people on here. The original guy himself says he doesn’t understand Japanese, and then goes on a rant about how “This makes more sense!” Yeah, maybe, but do you want a translation (direct, no nuances) or do you want it to be localized (preserve the meaning, if it means changing the phrase)? Personally, I don’t give a fuck, it’s anime, I expect there to be weird stilted dialogue at some points, because Japanese is a really formal language most of the time.

      • In regards to the two subtitle examples; they both had the same meaning, but one was much more natural to read. I don’t need to fluently speak the language something is translated from to compare two localisations that have the same meaning.

  21. Great article,that’s how i feel about crunchyfraud as well.The piss poor video quality,the laughable subtitles and the limited collection of animes shows you how much they care for their customers.Why are people defending this site?Why shouldn’t i just use kissanime? ”If you use illegal sites,then u should feel bad!”.Sure thing bro,it’s common knowledge,even gaming companies admit that,if pirates offer a superior version of a game compared to official resellers,then people will be more likely to pirate it.Those sites are not an exception to the rule.”Getting permission for the animes,take time,that’s why their collection is lacking!”.Ok,that’s not MY problem,it’s not your problem either,it’s the site’s problem.Don’t you think they should put extra effort and be on par with free sites,since,you know,people are PAYING for the damn thing?And yea,if you wanna support your favorite creators,buy dvd/bluray/manga and don’t use this excuse.Now,if u could still put all those problems aside,what i find utterly disgusting,is alot of reports from people saying they were charged for a,supposed,free trial or keep getting charged even after cancelling their subscription months before.Seriously,how can u call that anything else but a fraud?But you know why it’s relevant?You can thank the self-proclaimed-important-big-time-overlord youtubers for promoting the crap out of it like totalbiscuit,jesse cox,dodger etc.Good job guys and girls,promoting a fraud,wow!Anything for the mighty green paper i guess $$$.
    I’m not a big anime fan,maybe watching a couple every 2 years or more but,customers should demand more and not compromise for less,it’s your money after all.Standing up for and rewarding crappy business tactics makes it worse for everyone,because companies will end up not trying as hard to provide a quality product.That’s why lazy ass businesses like crunchyfraud should fade to obscurty already……or step up their game and show that they give a crap for the paying customer(which will never happen so they can just go to hell).Rant over

  22. Your analysis of CancerRoll is on point. I hope they crash and burn and everyone working for them never manages to find a job again.

  23. Let’s be honest here. No one is gonna send money to actual anime studios every month! You are lying to yourself if you think pirating supports the anime industry more than CR and personally I think you anger and berating or CR and its community is way out of line and very misplaced

  24. Honestly, I was going to write about how undeveloped and lowly evidenced this article was as I laid eyes on the first sentence, but seriously, the points are nailed home and evidence as well as comparisons to other sites are through the roof.

    This may be a little late – but nice work.

    Definitely deserves more than the dipshit comments from know-it-alls that its been getting.

    • No, it doesn’t. Every five sentences there’s a massive insult. The guy that wrote this piece doesn’t even sound like an anime fan, or at most like a 15 year old one. The kind of guy who thinks that glittery moving subtitles for ~~~~~EMPHASIS~~~~~ on his subs (like a lot of these hilariously terrible fansub groups do) makes them better.

      His one point about the sub quality is immediately failed by the simple fact that CR has stated they get a DAY to translate, and that means they can’t do high nuanced localization. It’s direct, it’s exactly what the character said, and a lot of people like that. (Admittably the kind of assholes that also don’t know that L and R are the same in Japan and insist that names like Luca are actually Ruca and similar idiocy, but the point stands.) That’s a matter of opinion. That’s what most of this was, opinion with actually limited facts backing it up. It sounds more like the creator was pissed that CrunchyRoll got made legit and his buttbuddies in the fansubbing community didn’t.

  25. In a recent episode of GATE, Crunchyroll translated “hyaku-man” as “hundred”, rather than “million”. That’s a error so basic it should not have been made.

    • Mr. Galuszka, you asked “Is there a correlation between heightened gun sales and decreasing cr#82?&ime21; You then briefly examined the argument that increased gun sales = less crime. Why did you not also examine the gun rights position, that increased gun sales = more crime? That is the position which took a huge blow from this data.

  26. Just like many others have already written, you’re plain wrong about a lot of what you wrote. Sure I guess you can be excused because it was a while ago now. Then again, seeing as how you’re still replying to comments in a similar fashion, giving no indication of being open to the possibility that things have changed… well, I guess you’re not excused after all.

    The only leg you have to stand on is regarding the subtitles. You’re far more versed in that area than me, so I’ll just take your word for it. Fansubs are better. There. Great job, one good point in a 2 000+ words rant.

    Everything else is just guesstimation, swayed heavily by your loathsome and aggravated view of Crunchyroll that you’ve built up for a long time and then finally vented. Unfortunately your frustration was based on bullshit. Mayhap not from the start, but your refusal to adapt to the current situation just proves how stuck in your own theory you are. You’re practically on the cusp of creating your own religion by how staunch you are in your beliefs. 2 years after writing this blog and you’re convinced nothing has changed. You’d do better with some humility, unless of course you find arrogance a respectful trait.

    I wholeheartedly concur with Jamal and MBol in this case. You’re an elitist asshole (at least doing a good job as presenting yourself as one) who assumed some things, got pent up with nerd-range and eventually needed to vent. Now you’re stuck in your tracks and refuse to accept that things are different.

    One such thing – which you seemingly haven’t taken into account in this rant – is in regards to the bitrate spiel. That is the fact that the quality (the actual bitrate quality to which you’re referring) is based on the users connection. This is evident by how it’s low quality at first and then, when it finds your connection speed sufficient, it changes to a higher bit rate. This is how ALL streaming services do it.

    How high and mighty you act really is preposterous to the point of being laughable. Let’s say someone were to both subscribe to CR and buy BluRays – including a figure here and there, as you mentioned – can they then tell you to go and castrate yourself? No? Didn’t think so. You are elitist, and trying to deny it is incredibly silly.

    Even worse, you’re contradicting yourself several times. Indirectly claiming people in the comments have more money than sense when you’re the one spending more (according to yourself) to feel better about how you’re contributing to the industry. Then you go and recommend torrents, which are free and gives $0 to the industry, just to get better quality – this also without understanding how streaming websites gauge user connection speed to not waste bandwidth where it can’t even be utilized. Seems you’ve been getting your anecdotal, and outdated, “evidence” from people with shit internet connections.

    For example, and to contribute my own evidence to the pot, watching an episode of Kill La Kill a few minutes ago the Resource Monitor software included in Windows showed me that CR was regularly streaming the episode to me at 5-10 Mbps (depending on what was showing and the buffer size). That’s definitely not crappy.

    In conclusion, your whole rant reeks of pretentiousness, elitism and privilege.

    “All ye who hath not money, or spend it not as I, are unworthy curs and should bear no child.”

    Humility, learn it. Also, get with the times. It’s possible to do both. Use CR to watch a show and then, if/when your wallet can handle it, buy BlueRays and merchandise.

    • This is late, but this comment is too cancer to ignore. If you’ve miraculously managed to stumble across this – Mr. Phreak, please enjoy:

      First off, I think the ‘good leg’ of wrong subtitles is a little more than a good point – it’s a kick to the balls of what CR stands for. For a company that claims to benefit anime creators while respecting the culture, couldn’t spending a little more time on the functionality of the site be beneficial? Unless of course they don’t care whatsoever and are more interested in making fat stacks off the revenue. Maybe that’s a leap-y assumption, but its definitely questionable how pirating/fansub sites, who should be the ones loving money, still manage to get their shit to make sense while Crunchy Roll (with a net worth of 1.8 million dollars) can’t even sort out the broken grammar they pasted into google translate.

      That aside, despite your paragraph upon paragraph response, all you’ve really managed to cobble together is that you don’t like him because he’s saying mean things – along with some irrelevant points that you’ve tried to smear into the shit (like the completely out of place bible quote). Overall a biased and unprofessional viewpoint from a fanboy with a god complex.

      I’ll end this with a ‘fuck you’ and ‘have a nice day’.

      • Wow, you’re a special kind of simple aren’t you? First off, what about me saying that he’s correct about the subtitles issue don’t you understand? Your entire fucking paragraph about that is completely pointless. I didn’t say, oh he kind of has a point but still is wrong. Seriously, how about some reading comprehension?

        No, that’s actually not all that I’ve managed to “cobble together”, but rather it’s all that YOU have managed to grasp. A slight (read: huge) difference. It’s especially entertaining that you thought I was quoting something from the Bible. I’m as far from religious as you can come, but even if I wasn’t… it still wouldn’t diminish the utter hilarity that my sarcastic quote, meant as an interpretation (or portrayal if you will) of Matthew’s basic stance, flew right over your head to the extent that you actually though it was from a millennia old text. It just further proves that you really didn’t get it, and probably didn’t read it properly or in its entirety to begin with. Very sloppy.

        In conclusion; fuck you too, and the high horse you rode in on.

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  27. Crunchyroll, despite all the problems, is inadvertently improving the impression on anime by being easily accessible. More people are seeing actual anime, as it is now, as opposed to the stuff that was created to appeal to the west as well. The subculture is spreading and slowly changing all the dumb impressions the ignorant people have of it as a whole. I see less weeb gripe all the time. I mean my little brother, who’s practically a jock in disguise, even catches the odd anime un-judgmentally from peers. It’s a changing world.
    However, as you said, fansubbers (not all) tended to take pride in their work, spent the time to do a good job of it. They are a lot better at finding the equilibrium between source-accuracy and maintaining proper grammar. And none of those annoying western idiom replacements. If you’re gonna watch anime, learn the idioms (it’s not hard to pick up on them on the first try, they’re way easier to understand than most british and american idioms).

  28. I think this is a prime example of what’s wrong with the anime community; we’re more abusive to eachother than the people who think anime is for pedophiles and freaks.

    I’m pretty neutral about this whole thing; I don’t have a crunchyroll subscription, and actually physically own all of my favourite shows on blu-ray, but it hurts me to see you (and everyone else in this comment section for that matter) talk so much smack about those who choose to support anime in a way that is different from how we do.

    It really does boil down to the fact that not everyone is willing to spend $30 – $50 for a single release. The beauty of crunchyroll as a paid streaming service is the incentive for the consumer. $7 a month for the ability to stream any series you want at a good (not amazing, but certainly good) picture quality level at any time across many, many multimedia platforms is solid incentive. This allows for your average anime viewer to watch anime at an affordable price, without breaking the law. $7 might not seem like very much, but just like with micro-transactions in video games, it stacks up. More people are willing to spend smaller amounts of money, which results in more sales. Consider the sheer amount of subscribers crunchyroll has, and multiply that by $7. The support for the anime industry is certainly evident, even when you take into account the percentage that crunchyroll keeps for itself. To suggest that those subscribers should all be purchasing physical copies of the shows they’re watching instead is a bit much to swallow; like I said, not all that many people are willing to spend $50 on a single series that they’re probably only going to watch once. By factoring out crunchyroll, you’d just be alienating a great number of people, forcing many to either stream from illegal anime sites that literally steal from the industry, or just stop watching anime altogether.

    I also know many CR subscribers who purchase their favourite titled physically after streaming them, purely for the sake of owning a material copy of what they love. On top of their monthly subscriptions, that’s a lot of love for the industry. Honestly, I think Crunchyroll is a very positive thing for anime in the west, as it allows for the things we love to reach a wider audience at an affordable price, like I said, without breaking the law.

    I wasted way too much time writing this..

    • preoccupa un po' che mi ritrovo a canticchiare le tue stesse canzoni… :-)Beh questa magari c'era un motivo co.tingenten..Ma la prossima mi preoccupo veramente e vado a farmi fare il calcolo del sigma e della probabilita' da un matematico… :-)

  29. Can I just say this is absolutely amazing? I seem to be the only one who legally buys anime out of all of my friends. Heck, the same goes for video games. Power to you and your common sense.

  30. I know you made this post a while ago, but I dropped by to give you a thumbs up. Can’t say how much I appreciated reading this, as well as the ridiculous comments of hyper-sensitive middle school student level CR users. Thanks man!

    • Hey! Thanks a lot. I still get the comments but I’ve been busy for a while now and have pretty much abandoned the blog and have put all anime watching on hold for almost a year. Glad you enjoyed the read though :^)

  31. I believe tht this whole thing is less accurate and can use a little bit more research.

    The whole points are mostly based on Normative statements than Positive statements.

    In other words; less fact,more opinions

    Next time, use facts>opinions

    • Fact: you are paying for a inferior service.
      Fact: the illegal free alternatives are STILL better
      Fact: you can’t beat free but CR is not even TRYING

      Opinion: buy the occasional bluray or merchandise and fuck CR.

      • Exactly. Just got my Eva blu-rays from Japan for $250. Lucky if they’ll even be $60 in the US, most of which is eaten up by Funimation or whoever.

        But these deluded idiots think they’re $5 a month for multiple shows is going to make a difference.

  32. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m not going to dispute that. This is your opinion and you are more than welcome to it. But I don’t share your same opinion towards Crunchyroll. Now, i’m not a super fan boy of Crunchyroll, so I am no means “but-hurt” over your article, but in my opinion, your article would sound much nicer and would get your point across much better if you were to remove some of the more foul language that you used.

    I love to watch anime and I have really enjoyed watching it. When I watch anime, I usually use this website: This website has a large selection of shows and most of the time, the subtitles are great. There is also a variety of video sources to pick from on the website, so you can pick an HD (720p) video if your internet is fast enough for it, or you can watch a 240p or 360p video if you are on a slower connection. Most of the time, there is also a video source that runs at 480p for the “middle of the road” connection. I have used this website for most of my watching, but sometimes I do turn to Cruchyroll for the shows that Animeshow does not have on their website.

    I am a free user of Cruchyroll, so I can choose to watch videos in either 480p or their SD version, which I believe is 360p. I also like Cruchyroll for their queue. You can use it to bookmark shows that you want to watch, and it also updates when you finish an episode of a series. I also like Crunchyroll’s community. I can pick a show that looks interesting, read some of the reviews and comments about it from people who have watched it and make my decision if i want to watch it or not. Yes, these are not reviews from people who watch anime for the point of reviewing, but that is what I like about it. I can read reviews about a show and read people’s personal opinions about the show, and not the review of someone who is getting paid to watch the show. But I won’t lie, sometimes I do read professional reviews of a show.

    Something that you touched upon that I would also like to touch upon as well is Crunchyroll’s store prices. I can agree that their prices are astronomically high compared to other websites. Even the small discount Crunchyroll members receive is not enough to bring their prices down to an acceptable level. For example, Cruchyroll is asking $59.98 (£38.65) for the DVD version of DRAMAtical Murder. Another website, is asking $38.99 (£25.12) for the same series. That is a $20.99 (£13.53) difference in the two prices. Lets do a little math. DRAMAtical murder is a 13 episode series. So if we take Crunchyroll’s price and divide it by thirteen, we get that you are paying $4.61 (£2.97) per episode. Now lets take RightStuff’s price and apply the same method. After taking the price and dividing it by thirteen, we get that RightStuff is charging $2.99 (£1.93) per episode. The Blu-ray version has an even greater price difference! Cruchyroll wants $69.98 (£45.09) for Blu-ray and RightStuff is only charging $45.49 (£29.31). That is a $24.49 (£15.78) difference. Using the same math, Crunchyroll is charging $5.38 (£3.47) per episode on Blu-ray, while RightStuff is only charging $3.49 (£2.25) per episode on Blu-ray. Now these prices are pre-order prices as the series will release on November 11th, 2015. After a few months the prices will go down, but I will wager that Cruchyroll’s prices will still be higher than other websites. It should also be mentioned that Crunchyroll has a pretty small store front when compared to other websites such as RightStuff.

    Another item you touched upon was the quality of the subtitles. Crunchyroll is a much bigger when compared to fan-sub groups, so different series are going to have different people working on the subtitles. This means that some people will do a direct translation where it sounds incorrect to speak it in English, such as in your example “So he makes you make expressions like that.”, and some translators will make it sound better when spoken in English as in your other example “So he’s the reason you look so upset…”. This comes down to a matter of personal preference. My preference is that the line makes sense to a native English speaker and that it is as close to what the character is saying as possible without it sounding to confusing to a native English speaker. You also touched upon Crunchyroll not putting subtitles on the introductions or the ending themes. Crunchyroll does actually put subtitles on some of their shows, but it does come down to a show by show basis. Some subtitle teams will do it and some will not.

    You also touched upon Crunchyroll’s advertising techniques. Yes, we may view then as annoying spam, but they are doing what companies need to do to stay afloat. Could they go about a different way? Yes they could, and I think if they did, the response would have been on the more positive side. In that same paragraph, you also touched upon Crunchyroll’s history, but I think you over-exaggerated it. You are correct that Crunchyroll started as a for-profit fan sub website in 2006. In 2008, Crunchyroll was able to secure a $4.05 million capital investment from a venture capital firm known as Venrock. After this capital was secured, Crunchyroll issued a statement that it would remove any illegal and copy-right infringing content from its website, and that’s what they did. To be a ligament business, they can only host what they have the rights to host. If they put up any copy-right infringing material on their website, it will cause a legal battle that could cost them millions. To avoid that, they had to remove the infringing content.

    As a business, they have to make money somehow. The subscriptions is one way of doing that. The advertisements that free users have to watch during the videos are also a way to earn money to stay afloat. (Again, I won’t lie, I do have ad-block enabled) But after seeing the number of advertisements that ad-block blocked, maybe they could send some more money back to the creators of the shows to support the industry. But ultimately, it comes down to how the company wants to divide up its funds. You don’t have to like how they do it.

    Overall, Crunchyroll does what it set out to do, which is bring anime and Asian drama into American homes. You don’t have to like them and you don’t have to have anything to do with them. Is Crunchyroll a perfect company? No. No company is perfect. But they are doing what they think is best to try to continue what they are doing.


    *All currency conversions are using the conversion rate of 1 (one) US Dollar equals .64 British Pounds. This is the current conversion rate as of July 23rd, 2015.*

    • Lol you do know fansubbbers and release groups have been bringing anime to fans since the late eighties, right? For free.

      Nobody asked for Crunchyroll.

  33. Your a douche and clearly a whiny englishmen who wasted his time writing this. English sucks. Learn Japanese and stop complaining. But its probably to hard for your dumb ass. Both are SOV languages so its not hard to know whats going on. Oh mommy my food isnt in 1260px wahhh! You should start your own site. But then again it’s true you are no expert on anything. Especially wine. You do however know alot about things you don’t know anything about. Are you still mad about hulu going legit? You probably still use friendster cuz facebook sold out to “the Man”. Free hosting sucks for the most part. What a tool.

    • You do however know alot about things you don’t know anything about.

      Excuse me? I’m unsure why you’re so agitated. Remorse over all the wasted CR subscription, perhaps?

      Ignoring your contradictory and vituperative comments, I’d love to learn Japanese! However, given that both time and money are a resource I have little of due to study and a relationship, it’ll have to wait. I actually have my own website with a CMS, both of which I made completely from scratch in PHP. Once I’ve polished the look and feel I’ll share the URL if you’re interested!

      I’ve never used hulu and Facebook is the primary social media I use. I don’t know where you’ve got this idea that I hate these things. I use whatever service is best, and despite CR charging money, they are certainly not the best service as far as anime goes.

  34. Or maybe I just enjoy watching Anime on about any device with extreme ease and picking up where I left off at the touch of a button enough to fork over literally less than an hour of minimum wage work’s worth of earnings to a website that I trust instead of limiting myself to a single platform by downloading shady torrents subbed by random people with no profit incentive.


    Sorry for bumping an old post, but I have my own quirks with the sometimes shitty translations on Crunchyroll so I was trying to see what other people thought about it then I ran into this “shit” post :D

    • >downloading shady torrents subbed by random people with no profit incentive

      Dumbest fucking shit I’ve ever read. Any torrent site will show you the folder contents before you download and anime uploads usually consist of one file, the actual video, usually in MKV format.


      Fucking kill yourself, you uneducated piece of shit.

      Kissanime is superior to Crunchyroll in every way.

      • Dude you got way too angry at him. That you would tell this guy to kill himself because he doesn’t necessarily know how viruses fully work is…. extraordinary.

  35. Notice the CRetards fast reaction to get butthurt, but naturally, it should be frustrating to pay for epic anime stream and yet be called out as gaylord scum on the internet.

    I support more the anime industry masturbating to doujin than CR subscriptions.

  36. MMMKKKKkkkkkk… So… First I’d like to ask what was the difference between the Underwater images you showed… I looked at both the fansub and CR versions… Nothing too drastically visible. Second, you state that illegal streams are bad quality too… HMMMM… *cough* *cough* They have 720p for most shows, and 1080 for the newer ones, like 2012-present.

    Anyway, Crunchyroll isn’t the best, but it’s a decent way to give a casual watcher a way to put a little bit back into the industry. Yes, we could all import some anime from japan… OH WAIT, I don’t want to shell out 300 bucks for a dvd. Yes, we give the studios like 10 cents, but with 10 subbers that’s 1$. Why do I get the feeling that CR has more than 10 subscribers per month… back to the DVD/BD thing, if you feel you need to shell out 150-300 bucks for 12 episodes, and get the animation studio 10$, good for you, you’re retarded. The idea behind CR is that if I give them this, I can watch anime slightly before fansubs are up, and get the creators of shows I like a little bit. It’s like donating spare change to a homeless person. It doesn’t cost much per person, but it still gets the job done when 100-1000 people chip in.

    The one thing I can agree with is the typesetting, it annoys the shit out of me to see like 3 different subtitles on the screen for a sign, a character talking, and someone singing in the background.

    One thing you didn’t mention is Crunchyroll manga, if you pay for that you’re the incarnation of dumbass. I say this because, you pay extra to get a weekly chapter same day as Japan. Well… If you just buy the english volumes, you are supporting the mangaka more since the publisher will renew the license when it is popular. “OH, but I want it weekly.” Ok, go fucking read on a scanlation site, it comes out before the japanese release XD

    • Second, you state that illegal streams are bad quality too… HMMMM… *cough* *cough* They have 720p for most shows, and 1080 for the newer ones, like 2012-present.

      You’ve immediately demonstrated you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. OR that you didn’t read my post properly. In the second paragraph under Video Quality I explain why you can’t just look at the resolution and assume if it’s the same as the other release that they are of equal equality. To reiterate, the 480/720/1080p can, for the most part, be completely ignored. I can encode 1080p video at a low bitrate that will be worse quality that a 480p encoding. These shitty sites plebs like you swarm to do this to reduce the size of the file, and in turn use less bandwidth; saving them on server costs. CR does this too, but not nearly to the same extent. Fansub releases are encoded to a much higher quality (not the absolute best, because you can easily double the size of a file for unnoticeable differences, which is simply inefficient) because they don’t have to, or choose not to, worry about server costs.

      It’s also worth noting that those awful streaming sites force you to use their video player, subtitles are hard-coded (can not be hidden or edited, they are now part of the video), and the idiots that run the sites literally don’t know how to encode properly.

      Japanese studios get FAR, FAR more than $10 from a $300 sale. They actually get about 55% of the sale. So buying Japenese releases is absolutely the best way to support the industry, as well as get the best quality release possible. Exactly why I pre-ordered the upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion BD box set.

      It’s worth mentioning, since you are clearly in denial, that whether or not series get another season is based on how well the blu-rays are selling in Japan. It is usually decided if another season will be made before the current one has finished airing, or shortly after. Way before there are localised releases. Now, if CR really did help that much, surely a lot of the things they stream would get additional seasons?

      You say that CR releases slightly before fansubs, this is incorrect for the most part. Especially for popular titles.

      I think I wrote this before CR offered manga, and I’ve not taken a look at it since. Manga I can actually see as being worth it to pay for because they will have the art digitally, rather than a scan. There are so many scanlation releases that are just awful and lose a lot of the quality through the process. Authentic digital and physical releases are the way to go for manga, IMO. Then again, I have serious doubts as to how well CR executed this.

      Sorry if I come across like a dick. The end of the day the differences in video quality probably don’t matter to the average anime fan, I know that and I know how pedantic I can seem to a lot of people. I just want the best possible experience, and that happens to come from (good) fansubs.

  37. Matthew, could you provide a good alternative to CR that does not involve buying DVD/BlueRay?, I mean a site that streams anime, provides good support, quality and are decent folks?.

    I am happy to have read your post before my 15 days trial ended. Still I do not mind paying for a Streaming Fansub site, as long as it is worth it.

  38. You know, I came here expecting to be swayed away from my crunchy roll subscription, which I was reconsidering, but you came off like such an elitist asshole this article had the opposite of its intended effect. The way I see it is, Crunchy Roll as a streaming service is here to stay. Streaming is the future, whether we like it or not. And Crunchy Roll is good for the industry, for many reasons. It gives anime exposure, offers a legitimate alternative to the only other alternative for most people, which is illegally downloading, and offers the anime industry a way to monetize its productions outside of Japan. In much the same way that iTunes saved the music industry (while also keeping more then 50% of the profits for itself), Crunchy Roll is helping to bring the anime industry into the 21 century and to keep it relevant in the minds of investors and consumers here in the west.

    Crunchy Roll can only be good news for anime. You suggest that people should illegally pirate anime and then “send $1 to the publisher” but, I’m afraid that isn’t how business works. Besides the fact that it would cost more in postage to mail, and that nobody is actually going to go through the trouble of doing that, even if they did do it that way, these studios aren’t going to put that money on their balance sheet. Investors aren’t going to invest in a production company with no revenue on their balance sheet, and CR provides them with that. The fact is, even if they are only making 1 cent out of your subscription, 1 cent is better then no cents (the only other alternative for most people), especially since all this new legit money flowing into the business is influencing people to invest in more anime and ultimately spurring growth in this industry. The idea that production companies are getting screwed on this deal is crazy when you think about the way business actually works. Why in the world would production companies offer to put their videos on this website if they did not see any kind of financial return coming from it? Simple logic will tell you that crunchy roll is a good thing for the anime industry, simple nerd rage elitism is the only thing telling you it;s not.

    • Okay. First, CR gives barely any exposure to anime. It does nothing for anime outside of the Web, unlike other licencers, and what it does give is amateur at best (many articles literally copy and pasted from /a/, a place full of elitist assholes like myself, as you so kindly put it).

      There are PLENTY of other places to buy goods from outside of Japan. But why would you want to order from such places when you can just get them from Japan at a cheaper cost? Maybe you just have more money than sense?

      >iTunes saved the music industry
      lol okay I’m done.

      • You article is actually wrong as it is now.
        The share between Crunchyroll and the original studio isn’t 50/50, but the subscription is actually given in full to the studios (well… minus the exchange rate) based on the video watched by the subs. Crunchyroll is being paid only via the publicities (including the links for e-shops for items and accessories)

        For example, during a month, if a subs watch 10 episode of a series, then 5 episodes of the other series, Crunchyroll pays 66% of the subs fee to the first series’s studio and 33% to the others’ series’ studio.

        The subtitles are officially double-checked by the original studio (with their own translator) or the english and/or french IPs’ owner before every release. Yeah Crunchyroll is doing the subtitles, but those are approved by the IP’s owner. On many occasion, the actual shitty translation came from Funimation who own the IP for the english or french translation of a series. (Some Japanese studio simply turn theirs eyes away as they know they doesn’t want to pay for or take the time for a translation, so they leave this responssability to renown companies like Funimation)

        The reason why they are only selling Region1 blurays is simple… they aren’t allowed to sell others’ regions’ products as the IP is owned by another companies which refused to allow them to sell the marchandise.

        90% of your rants seems to be unofficial baseless rants. Learn your fact before trying to scratch a tiger with your toothpick.

        • Haha I like how he doesn’t reply to your post…Well, time to go sub to CR…again. :) I hate reading a bunch of elitist opinions…nice to see actually facts.

        • Whilst they might pay the Studios more than 50/50, I doubt its done the way you’ve said. Why I say that is simple, as an avid anime watcher (on and off), it would be impossible to pay the studios equally from everything I’ve watched. A good example of that is what I’ve watched between February and March as a whole, I’ve watched, Haikyu in its entirety, Flames of Recca in its entirety, Bakuman season 1-3 in its entirety, and Ushio no Tora. That is around 268 episodes, if crunchyroll were to split that between the studios, Bakuman would get around 60% and the rest would get around 15%, which wouldn’t be fair to the other studios just because one has more episodes. It also isn’t a good business model to have all membership funds go towards the studios since ads don’t make much money (adblocker is a thing)

          What they do is pay for licensing (which is why a show like One Punch Man isn’t available on it because it is licensed by a different site I think its Hulu). It would be impossible for them to do it the way you said since some shows obviously have a higher viewer rate than others, and that would mean the studios of those shows would be somewhat at a loss (in a sense).

          Another good point he makes is the merchandise, something that is $50 on CR and $30 on amazon, doesn’t mean that the owner of the product (in this case the studios when speaking about the BR’s) is making more money, because they sell it for a fixed price, it’s the site owners that are taking that extra $20.

  39. i just find it interesting that you put so much time and effort into something like this and it couldnt matter any less to any one. nice rant and had a point. A bit childish in most places. but hey A for effort. and i’m glad you let off some steam.

    • Took me an hour in between two of my lectures :) I didn’t even realise how much I’d typed until I proofread it later on. It did feel pretty good, though.

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