Space Dandy – Sub vs Dub

It’s 2014, so let’s start it with some completely objective comparisons!


Space Dandy is probably the ‘hype show’ of the season (with Shingeki being Spring’s, Kill la Kill being Autumn’s, you get the idea) so naturally expectations are raised. Even more so that Toonami (or Funimation, I don’t know) paid out of the ass to get the world premier. That didn’t quite happen, but still, they made a big risk. Honestly, the trailers have gone on about it so much and how it’s by Watanabe that I thought it was going to be the second coming of Jesus. The first episode was quite weak and certainly a disappointment (like most flavour of the month shows), but there’s potential. Anyway, let’s get back on topic.

The dub feels to me like they took the original script and forced good old LOLSORANDUMBXDDD American humour in wherever they could. It wasn’t clever nor was it funny. I’m not saying all the jokes were bad, or that all these jokes are exclusive to the dub by any means. However, the worst of the worst was present in the dub for sure. I’m not going to go through the entire episode and compare every line or joke, because I have better things to do with my time (I don’t, I’m just extremely lazy). There aren’t massive differences, just little ones. Like pointing out the 4th wall was broken. Yes, haha, very funny. Did we need to announce it in case someone didn’t realise? Never mind, I forgot this was for a typical American audience.

Other things to mention include the fact there there is no opening in the dub, and a different ending. I can only assume they were cut because they’re in Japanese, and this would scare the Americans. That, or they just want more time for advertisements. The opening is pretty good, so it’s a shame. QT isn’t autotuned to fuck, and Dandy sounds at least somewhat badass in the sub. I don’t think it’s a bad dub per say, it just isn’t really a good one either. The voices aren’t memorable and it’s certainly no Bebop in terms of dubbing quality. Slightly better than the usual Funi shit, but that’s about it. Again, I can only recommend the dub if you’re an American who hasn’t seen more than 5 series of anime.

tl;dr if you frequently visit /co/ or tumblr and are American you’ll probably love the dub. Good for you, just keep your poor taste in humour away from me.

Update: It would seem that even staff working on the show don’t like the dub! 

get rekt funi

I guess this is why you should wait until things are finished before you start dubbing them, huh?


2 thoughts on “Space Dandy – Sub vs Dub

  1. So, I have to disagree with you there. Your post sound more like a hateboner for anything dubbed. Space Dandy had an amazing dub, and that person that you posted the tweets from deleted them shortly afterward. Just because a single animator disagrees, does not mean that the entire anime is shit, lol. This anime is for anymore, the fact the anime is super artsy while keeping the same consistency is really interesting. I’ve personally watched over 50+ anime series in my lifestyle, and I can tell a hate boner when I see one.

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