Favourite OP/EDs from 2013

OP/EDs of 2013

This is in no particular order and I’m not claiming these to be the best. They’re just what I liked.


My favourites of 2013

Aku no Hana ED

Yuyushiki OP

Free! ED

Gatchaman Crowds OP

Uchouten Kazoku ED

Kill la Kill ED

Kyoukai no Kanata ED

Psycho Pass ED2

Kyousougiga OP

Nagi no Asukara ED

Non Non Biyori OP

Guilty Pleasures

Date A Live OP
HenNeko OP. Heck, the ED too.
Machine Doll ED

Special mentions…

Shingeki no Kyojin OP1 for shitty video remix things
Danganronpa OP0 (the PSP opening, iirc) because the normal opening was a bit shit.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi OP because, well, because.
Watamote ED, found it kind of cute.
Gatchman Crowds ED… because I’d feel bad having 2 GC tracks in the list.
Aku no Hana OPs, but there were so many…


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