Recently watched and some thoughts

This post is mainly going to cover an 80’s OVA series, Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster, the film Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade and a TV series, Mononoke. I’d been meaning to watch the first two for quite some time, but some videos from Demo convinced me to watch them sooner rather than later.

Top o Nerae! Ep6 NCED [1DA717DA].mkv_snapshot_00.25_[2014.08.06_07.16.00]

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Gatchaman Crowds BD Box Set – GET HYPE

Edit 21/8/14:

It would appear Cthuko never did anything past a TV release, so if you’re wanting BDs (including the ’13th’ episode, which fleshes out the ending a bit more) I recommend AnimeNOW‘s release.



Edit: There is currently a low quality raw of the director’s cut floating around. I will update this post when a good encode and subtitles are released (most probably a Cthuko release).

The Gatchaman Crowds box set has been released in Japan now, which includes the long awaited, and much needed Director’s Cut for the final episode. I can’t remember what quite went wrong, but during the production of the final couple of episodes whilst the series aired in Summer, some complications arose. This lead to the second half of the 11th episode being pushed into the 12th episode, and the last half of the 12th episode being pushed over into, well, nothing. 266863 bikini cleavage garter gatchaman_crowds kaisen swimsuits utsu-tsu

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Space Dandy – Sub vs Dub

It’s 2014, so let’s start it with some completely objective comparisons!


Space Dandy is probably the ‘hype show’ of the season (with Shingeki being Spring’s, Kill la Kill being Autumn’s, you get the idea) so naturally expectations are raised. Even more so that Toonami (or Funimation, I don’t know) paid out of the ass to get the world premier. That didn’t quite happen, but still, they made a big risk. Honestly, the trailers have gone on about it so much and how it’s by Watanabe that I thought it was going to be the second coming of Jesus. The first episode was quite weak and certainly a disappointment (like most flavour of the month shows), but there’s potential. Anyway, let’s get back on topic.

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Animated Film Oscars 2014 and shitty journalism.

This is a joke, right?

I’m sorry, but when I saw this I just had to write about it. Holy shit.

An lackluster slate could bring Walt Disney Animation that elusive first Oscar win

An lackluster? Well, that’s a good start. Looks like they don’t proofread (not like I do, but this isn’t a so-called professional website). Basically I think the idea of the article is to weigh-up the pros and cons of the animated films, and say how much of a chance they stand at winning an Oscar. Now, I don’t actually give a fuck about the Oscars because I think the whole thing is a sham and I don’t care whether or not Rebellion wins (if it does, it’d be funny). Let’s take a look at what they’ve actually said about Rebellion, shall we?

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Crunchyroll and why I refuse to pay for it

Crunchyroll a shit

Recently, I’ve been noticing quite a positive attitude towards Crunchyroll across both the internet and real-life. The general mindset I’ve noticed from the anime community (which, in general, is just a bunch of insufferable cunts) is that by paying for Crunchyroll you’re getting both a good service and are supporting the industry. Wrong.

It’s surprising to believe that anyone goes on this website at all. You either go there as a free user, and get releases a week late in terribly bit-starved 360p video, pay £5 a month for lower quality video and subtitles than fansubs, or use their overpriced store. I really don’t see the appeal. I’m not sure if there are a lot of retarded people in the community, or if they’re just simply unaware that there are better alternatives. I’m going to go over many aspects of CR, including subtitle quality, video quality, pricing and how much you’re actually supporting the industry by paying for the ‘service’. I’ll then be comparing all of this to the alternative options that are available to you.

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Leeds Film Festival Anime Day

Fanomenon Anime Day

This is my little write-up of the films I saw throughout the day. 3 of the 6 are completely new (unless you’ve been watching camrips or went to France/Japan!). Overall the day was pretty good. I know some other /a/nons were there. Probably the fat ones and fedorables. Heh.


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Madoka Magica – Movie 3 – The Rebellion Story

[Watchable] Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Movie 3 – The Rebellion Story [EN-US 1280×720 CAMRIP v2][EC04C308].mkv

Well, shit. It finally got subbed.

Madoka Magica Rebellion

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