Gatchaman Crowds BD Box Set – GET HYPE

Edit 21/8/14:

It would appear Cthuko never did anything past a TV release, so if you’re wanting BDs (including the ’13th’ episode, which fleshes out the ending a bit more) I recommend AnimeNOW‘s release.



Edit: There is currently a low quality raw of the director’s cut floating around. I will update this post when a good encode and subtitles are released (most probably a Cthuko release).

The Gatchaman Crowds box set has been released in Japan now, which includes the long awaited, and much needed Director’s Cut for the final episode. I can’t remember what quite went wrong, but during the production of the final couple of episodes whilst the series aired in Summer, some complications arose. This lead to the second half of the 11th episode being pushed into the 12th episode, and the last half of the 12th episode being pushed over into, well, nothing. 266863 bikini cleavage garter gatchaman_crowds kaisen swimsuits utsu-tsu

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