Properly installing and setting up MPC-HC

What you need

MPC-HC 32-bit
xy-VSFilter 32-bit
A non-shitty computer

How to install everything

Please note that this is only if you want to manually install everything yourself. For an easier method, you can use the Kawaii Codec Pack if you trust it.

  1. Remove any previous versions of MPC-HC and codecs you already have and restart your computer.
  2. Install MPC-HC. If you need an explanation on how to do this, please leave.
  3. Now install xy-VSFilter. Again, if you can’t do this then there’s no hope for you. How did you even open the web browser?
  4. Next you want to make a new folder in C:\Program Files (or C:\Program Files (x86) if you’re running a 64-bit OS) called madVR. Right-click this new folder, go to Properties and then the Security tab. Click Edit, Add, and then enter in your Windows username. Make sure the Modify check box for your user is checked, and then apply all the changes.
  5. Extract the into your madVR folder and run the install.bat file. Now you’ve done all that you can move along to the fun stuff!

Configuring everything

First, open MPC-HC and then any video file.

Go down to Playback and un-check Auto-load subtitles.


Next, go to Output and select madVR from the dropdown menu.


Now go to Internal Filters and be sure to have everything checked (if you’ve been told to uncheck everything, disregard that because MPC-HC now comes with LAV filters)


Disable the built-in audio switcher under the Audio Switcher options


Close the Options window and right click somewhere inside the MPC-HC window. Go down to Filters and then click madVR. 


Open the scaling algorithms menu and go to chroma upscaling, then select Jinc and 3 taps from the dropdown menu. Finally, check activate anti–ringing filter.


Now go to image upscaling and select the same things.


For image downscaling things are slightly different. Select Catmull-Rom and check scale in linear light this time.


Next select general settings from the rendering menu and disable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode, if it so happened to be active by default. The rest don’t matter too much. 


Go to smooth motion under the same menu and enable it, making sure to select only if there would be motion judder without it. THIS KILLS THE COMPUTER. If you are dropping frames, disable this.


Now un-check everything in trade quality for performance.


Close the madVR window, right click somewhere in MPC-HC again and go to Filters and this time choose LAV Audio Decoder. Check both the Enable Mixing and Don’t mix Stereo sources boxes.


Finally, close this window and open up the LAV Video Decoder window and select a Hardware Decoder from the dropdown menu. Use the Intel option for Sandy Bridge (or newer) CPUs, CUVID for NVidia GPUs, and DXVA2 for AMD GPUs. Alternatively you can select none, because there is no hardware decoding for Hi10P, and most computers should be fine without this. 


There you go! You should now have proper 10-bit video playback, along with smoother panning, better colours and less shitty upscaling. You can now be an elitist prick to all your friends who are still using VLC!

Bonus tip: if you want Japanese audio with English subtitles to be preferred, do as I have here.

jpn,eng jpn:eng|n;eng:off;*|d

What this does is make Japanese the preferred audio tracked, followed by English. If the audio is Japanese, it will automatically use the English subtitles (dialogue, not just signs/karaoke!) If the audio is English, it will turn the subtitles off. If the audio is something else, it will load the default subtitles. You can change these are you please, the information is all here.


3 thoughts on “Properly installing and setting up MPC-HC

  1. Very nice page, can you actualize it to the latest MPC-HC and madVR version, cause with new versions the some settings above is different.

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