so u wana no how 2 get da cartoons from da ircz

This will be completed soon due to a request. Until then, here’s a very quick run-down of what to do.

  1. Download and install an IRC client (I recommend HexChat).
  2. Connect to the Rizon network (irc.rizon.net). Registering a nickname isn’t required.
  3. Join the channel you want subtitles from by typing /join #channelname – obviously you want to change channelname to whatever channel you want to join (#news is probably the best if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly)
  4. Type !find (or @find, for some channels) followed by the name of the show and episode you’re looking for (the more information you give here the easier it is to find it).
  5. You’ll now get bots replying to you telling you they have what you were looking for, and to send them a request. Each bot will give you its own command you need to send, along with the packlist number. So say HorribleSubs Symphogear bot replied to my request, it’ll say something like

    XDCC SERVER – slots:[39/40], Queue:[0/60], Min:56.0kB/s, Max:819200.0kB/s – /MSG Symphogear XDCC SEND x – Found:

    followed by a load of episode titles and their packlist numbers. What you want to do is type out the /MSG Symphogear XDCC SEND command followed by one of the packlist numbers (so if the 720p release of episode 4 by Anime-Koi is there with #2906 next to it, the message I want to send in IRC will be /MSG Symphogear XDCC SEND #2906 and then a file transfer will start (you might have to accept it by clicking a button first).

And there you go. You got your chinese girl cartoons. Obviously different channels have different bots, and different bots need different commands, and different shows have different packlists for each respective bot. It all sounds a little confusing at first but it’s really easy to pick up and is by far the best way to getting currently airing shows. Some fansub websites will have packlist pages where you can search there and it’ll just give you the command to send in IRC, cutting out a lot of the manual work you’d otherwise have to do.

Recommended channels:

rei sig


5 thoughts on “XDCC IRC bots

    • Klopt helemaal Jessica. Maar het feit is dat veel mensen op de Dijk nog steeeds vragen waar Hans sr. is gebleven en graag een hapje bij hem willen gaan eten. Deze mensen komen eerst even gezellig borrelen op de Zeedijk en komen dan later, na bij Myrabelle gegeten te hebben, weer terug op de Zeedijk. Komt bij dat Myrabelle via Hans sr. een zogenaamd stille sponsor is van het Zejediknieuws.

    • Mitä aihetta … – Mielenkiinnotonta aihetta en ole vielä huomannut…Miten löysit tänne?- Ömmm…? luultavasti jonkun muun kommenttilaatikosta.Kuinka kauan …- Skeptikkojen itsemurhayrityksestä asti, kai.Mikä tämän vuoden …- Ne on kaikki hyviä ja valaisevia, ehkä ne raportit USAn uskovien yrityksistä saada kreationismi oppiaineeksi on hykerryttävimpiä – itse olen huono ja laiska kääntämään englannista, joten käännöstekstit on mahtavia olemassa!Mikä oli ehdoton riman alitus?- Ei semmoista olekaan.

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